Department Of English

Dr. B. R. Geetha

Head of Department

HoD’s Message

Hearty welcome to the Department of English, Sadanam Kumaran College, Pathiripala

As the Professor and Head of the Department of English, S K C, Pathiripala I take the liberty to assure that the Department will try the maximum to provide the students with value based quality education. By conveying the essential notions associated with the progress of humanity in different traditions and cultures through the medium of various languages and their literatures the faculty aims at moulding the young ones as global citizens to play key roles. This vision would activate in the students an awareness of the elevated sense of belonging leading to a readiness to accept reality and better their potential. The mission is to promote the studentsto new heights by equipping them with knowledge, self- confidence and optimism. The vision offered launches the students to vistas of knowledge, expanses of personal achievements and invaluable refinement of their personalities as well as caliber. The students are welcome for a positive change. They are accommodated with a sense of belonging and comfort. Their identity is recognized and promoted with care. The congenial atmosphere for higher education offered here is unique. And as a teacher my assurance to the sincere student is nothing short of a wonderful experience of literature, a paradigm shift to a deep sense of optimism and the academic achievement of a multifaceted personality.

Thank You.Stay Happy,

About the Department

The Department conducts classes for B A course in English Language and Literature with History of English Literature and Journalistic Practices as Complementary subjects. Malayalam and Hindi are the Second Languages offered. For all disciplines in the college the Department conducts Common Courses. Importance is given to healthy, sincere and value based interactive classes. Freedom of thought and creativity of expression are promoted in literature classes with the vision that only free and happy minds can build a democratic Nation and achieve personal goals. The Department promotes culture and art, encourages creativity of students and guides them to the riches of knowledge. The vision is conceived with the intention to make the youth charismatic and optimistic through the exposure to the vastness of literature. The students need empowerment to face the world of realities. And as such it is realized that a generous sharing of knowledge on a practical basis is the integral part of a teacher’s responsibility in the department. In the present scenario of competitions and vastly changing global demands the Department aims to develop the research instincts, analytical power and sharpness of vision of the students. As language and literature to a great extent possess the different modes and process of communication the students who specializein this discipline are naturally exposed to these advantageous conditions. Thus various media could be their apt choices for their career. So also the areas like education, and civil services. The Department is wholeheartedly cooperative with the students in their extracurricular activities also. We are equipped with a sense of equality, sincerity and integrity as professionals committed to the students, our college and the society at large.

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