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About Us

Sadanam Kumaran College, located in Palakkad, the granary of Kerala, is the latest institution under the umbrella of the Gandhi Seva Sadan Charitable Trust. This Trust was established by (Late) Mr. K. Kumaran, a Gandhian, freedom fighter and social reformer, in the pre-independence period with specific emphasis on value based, quality education.

Director's Message

The past few decades have seen a tremendous change in the way global businesses are run. Organizations are keen to ensure that the objective of business is to create wealth, rather than focusing on the most obvious monetary profits. Wealth, in this sense, is the long term relationship the business manages to have with all its stake holders; by delivering the expectations to its clients, creating profits for the organizations, nurturing the organization’s talent pool and ensuring that the society in which the business dwells is benefitted by its existence. We, at SICOMS, guide and coach the students with this perspective in focus, and prepare them to face this new dimension of global business with confidence. “Giving back to the society what one takes from it” was the thought behind the inception of SICOMS, the latest institution under the umbrella of the Gandhi Seva Sadan Charitable Trust. SICOMS is programmed to carry this thought in its DNA and also demonstrate the vast scope of ethical working. Its program structure is unique and combines both domain knowledge and functional skills specifically tuned to the requirements of the corporate world. We have a strong link with the industry, facilitated by a dedicated placement cell. Throughout the programme, students are individually guided and assisted. This is to make certain that each student is placed in the right industry and in the right position for a rewarding career. A rigorous and thought provoking academic curriculum combined with ample opportunities for the young talents to hone their creativity ensures that they reach higher levels of their potential. This becomes instrumental in carving out managers with the level of maturity, knowledge and skills required for the industry. We, at SICOMS, re-align ourselves to our goals and objectives every year. In these challenging times, we believe we are an ideal choice for the young individuals looking for a challenging and satisfying career.
K. Ravikumar,